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Entry #6

Upgrading My Software and New VST's

2009-11-16 19:54:15 by DawnOfDreams

Alright guys, here I am, DawnOfDreams. Sorry about that last post. I probably am a bit angry that no one's listening to my submissions, but I'm glad that no one's copying me either. Remember:

Copyright belongs to me, Allen N. Bui (DoD), as the original artist of these songs I created. My work is free to distribute as long as you don't steal my work and put your name on it, don't steal my name and claim credit for my work, don't distribute my work at a price, and so on. It is not limited to just that list, and if I find you copying my work, I'm going to be pretty mad. I have the original .flp files so don't even try. DON'T.

Thanks guys. Appreciate it if you'd leave just some comments, here and there.

I'm working on a hip hop beat for my Personal Project at school, so you might be seeing me cranking out more audio submissions than usual.

My friend Brandon is working on getting a mic for me, though it will, no doubt, take a long time.

As of now, I'm also thinking about upgrading my software and pulling out my DAW workstation out of the pantry and getting some usb to midi cables...

Now I am considering the following:

Steinberg Cubase 5
Cakewalk Sonar 8
Propellorhead Reason 4.0 (This is a def consideration. I heard the interface and the libraries are awesome to work with.)

I'm not working with:

Logic Pro (I've hated it. It seemt too acidic and too hard-scale for me to use when I was at a friends house using his mac.)
Pro Tools (I might like having a Pro Tools interface, but I don't like having the time to get an MBOX and/or a mixer. That's when I get pro, I will use those things.)

Why I'm not using FL Studio 9 XXL Producer's Edition anymore? Part of it is because the parameters on the VST and the mixer might be fun to use, they get a little out of hand when my computer has crackles in the sound chip. Maybe by upgrading it will help me, but as of right now, it's reserved for later, but I'm still using it.

I'm thinking of getting a new computer. That might be far from now but I still really do want one. One that can actually handle my overpowered mind to loop such things into so many channels and not drive my brain into overdrive because I'm constantly editing every single parameter of pan, resonance, distortion, and such. It takes a LONG TIME to fine tune songs to my liking. That is why "The Entity" came out slush like pudding when I first exported it from my computer. Now it's a lot better.

Alright, well, peace out you guys. Hope to see you guys in the studio soon.

P.S. I'm angry about my old piano breaking after so long. I hope it'll be able to get fixed, but digital pianos are harder to fix than regular acoustic grands. Yay~


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2009-11-29 02:37:37

those crackles are countered by 2 things: fruity limiter (i think its called) and when u EXPORT they dissapear - unless u have a REALLY shitty sound in which case it shouldnt even be in the track lol. Also just fyi - everyone hates all music xept their own or something thats very ordinary. Also the NG community is shit don't expect too many of these basement dwellers to be nice to you. I however am a nice chap, and would like to b-e-friend u


2009-11-29 02:39:13

just took a quick listen to your stuff.. i dig it..i would leave a review but im tired as fuck.. .. ill get ot leaving you a review when i have had some sleep.. PM me on what song you would like reviewed..but honestly its good to see a new audio artists that doesnt suck


2009-11-29 02:49:43

u both should check out my song "Hit it - Revamp Four" ull either hate it or LOVE it. all made in fl studio - eveything made from 3xOsc apart from high hats, snares and crashes !