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This Sucks.

2009-11-13 20:03:05 by DawnOfDreams

I'm not in the mood to play those starky little flash games. They're great minigames but they are dull in comparison to real RTS's, Shooters, or even RPG's. No, wait, there are none. I forgot. Oh well. I just don't like this site enough that I might as well quit because, there's no love here, no aspiration to show more music appreciation, and unfortuately, I really think I thought right. NAP really is filled with a random, show-up call of annoying douchebags trying to be favorable in a fare free-for-all community.

Call quits. I give up. I know it's been like 4 days but I hated my stay here. I'd rather move back to my Deviantart life. Or my writer's blog life.

This has completely died on me. Newgrounds has a name but it doesn't have that sort of organized, prestigious name. I've shown my friends my music, and even though they're into R&B and Hip Hop of the sort, they like my songs. The only thing missing is a vocal. And some fitting filters and flangers.

I need a DJ for that though. Luckily, I have found one of my awesome and most reliable friends, Ecko, to create a hardstyle version of "The Entity". He knows how to use VirtualDJ to create scratches, distorts, and presumably, filters and flangers. I think I might look to him for remixing advice.

As of all in all though, I seem to not belong here in Newgrounds. It simply does not make me happy.

Peace. Go ahead and send me a message on my AIM, or Facebook, or my MSN. If you tell me you're from newgrounds, and if you have a negative view on my perspective, and considerately the aspective, then don't even try to send a message. Really.

I will probably still submit music here, despite how large-scale depressing the NAP really is. All time tracks don't really even sound like all time. It's ALLLLWAYS changing. One week it's those songs, then it's the next AND NEXT and next. The number 1 on there right now is decent, but it doesn't deserve it, really. If NAP really is All time 'I give them out to the best looking ones' then again. I say I don't belong here. Period.

Peace out guys. Gotta eat something nice for tomorrow. I'm writing a ballad for my loneliness. *sarcasm* =(

Unless... there is a change. I will not come back. Until they really send me a damn email that says it.


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