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Yay! My music got submitted!

2009-11-12 15:53:56 by DawnOfDreams

My music got submitted. Unfortunately, no one's listening to it though. I need comments, votes, stuffs... but unfortunately I don't know anyone here in the NG. I'm going to have to wait a little, I guess...

*sigh* *goes in the corner* *cries* *comes out* *holds board that says "I'm Lonely"*

No, really, though. I'll make a vast, trying attempt to post more in the forums... and play those flash apps O.O I might fit in the time to try it... despite I'm playing new PS3 games, including the uber-awesome Uncharted 2: Among Theives, Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time, and also... an MMO that probably no one's heard of.

Alright, well... good luck, me. Peace out, guys! ^^'


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