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What's up, Newgrounds!

2009-11-08 20:27:51 by DawnOfDreams

Hey, ladies and gentleman! Right here!

Hi, guys. I'm DawnOfDreams, and I'm new to the Newgrounds Community. =D I just got FL Studio 9, and I'm not much of a DJ/Mixer, however, I'll try my best to make you guys music, because I enjoy making music, and I enjoy it even more when you guys can give me tips on how to make it better, or even leave a comment! (BTW, please, please, no haters) For everyone that's visited this page, thanks guys, I really appreciate it, and please leave comments! I really want to hear from you guys! Thank you all, and hi, newgrounds! =)

Also, about my name, DaZeny, since my original choice of name was Dazened (but it was taken), I named myself DawnOfDreams, which is close enough. Somewhat, it sounds cool.

I'm 15 years old and I go to high school. At my age, I don't know I should be making music or doing my homework. Nevertheless, I have the time to do both. 'Cause I'm asian. Nah, I'm joking, but really, I'm asian. Heh. ^^'

I'm single. Just to shout out there. Looking for friends, relationships, dating, love, and a cute, fascinating girl to love. =p

I love anime and manga, any form of music that pleases the ear, food, friends, games, helping the enviroment, humor, anything that seems fun! If you'd like to talk about that on my page, then please be welcome to! I like reading random comments sometimes. =D

If you can help me how to operate FL Studio with even more features than before, thanks, I still don't really know how to use it. X__X

Alright, well, peace out! See you guys in the studio soon!


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2009-11-08 21:41:57


since i'm bored as hell, i'm gonna introduce myself in the same way you did....or you know like close.

you know what screw it.

I'm Blake, i'm 13, i'm a Soviet, and i created my username back when i was on a Code Geass high.

and i am smart as hell.

DawnOfDreams responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate how straightforward you are ^_^

And that seems cool to hear =) I really like Code Geass, great anime.